Manufacturer of reliable, innovative systems
based on WR technology

We designWe makeWe buildoil refining equipment

We use many years of experience and develop every day


Manufacturer of reliable
innovative systems based on
WR technology

We designWe makeWe buildoil refining equipment

We use many years of experience and develop every day


We offer different plants and their combinations depending on the customer's needs. Providing high quality work, our equipment is more profitable than traditional counterparts.

Primary processing

Cyclonic technology guarantees the production of straight-run fractions from any oil and gas condensate while ensuring high quality products

Gasoline direct conversion

The catalytic conversion of the gasoline fraction ensures the guaranteed production of high-octane gasoline from straight-run gasoline.

Diesel direct conversion

Catalytic dewaxing ensures the production of winter grades of diesel fuel from paraffinic raw materials

Cracking of fuel oil (gas oil)

Catalytic cracking technology
allows to receive from fuel oil up to
25-30% gasoline and up to 12-17%
diesel fuel

Reverse gas conversion

The catalytic conversion of hydrocarbon gases makes it possible to obtain a liquid component of high-octane gasoline or a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons BTK

Catalytic dewaxing

Catalytic dewaxing of atmospheric gas oil and its components, as well as additional yield of winter grades of diesel fuel

Desalination and Dehydration

Designed for efficient heating of dehydration and desalting of oil emulsions and preparation of commercial oil in conditions of impossibility of using an electric dehydrator


For effective removal of organosulfur compounds from gasoline, kerosene and gas oil mixtures of oil by the method of oxidative desulfurization with the removal of at least 90% of organosulfur compounds

WR technology

A unique method of oil refining through vortex rectification. On its basis, universal cyclone units have been created, which are suitable for processing any hydrocarbon feedstock.

Patent holder

We are proud of our innovative developments, which are patented in Russia and other countries. We keep up with the times and offer our customers new technological solutions.

International partners

ETN Cyclone conducts large-scale activities and implements projects around the world.
Our partners and customers are enterprises with different capacities, including ultra-small

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Science and Production Association “ETN-Cyclone”

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