The limited liability company «Scientific Production Enterprise “ETN”» is registered since January 2006г., but exists in the market since autumn of 1995. At first it was «Scientifically innovation firm "Energotorf"», and since 2000 it «Scientific Production Enterprise "Energotorf"». The director and the supervisor of studies of these enterprises invariably was and is Feshchenko Jury Vladimirovich.

The basic directions of activity of the enterprise:

  1. The decision of problems of the energy-saving technology;
  2. Designing and manufacturing of the thermal-aggregates of different purpose;
  3. All-inclusive processing of organic-mineral raw materials;
  4. Manufacturing of the solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.

  For this time the enterprise had been received the following practical results:

  1. Technology of receiption of the granulated fuel peat in stationary industrial conditions (at enterprise «АПХ "Заречное"» of Tomsk oblast in 1995 the model installation has been constructed and tested, and in 1998 in Omsk oblast the factory by capacity of 20 thousand tons an year has been constructed);
  2. Have been constructed, tested and introduced in manufacture the gas-generator of different purpose, including working on peat fuel and a wood waste for the purpose of use as heat source in various technological processes. On this theme in 2000 Feshchenko J.V. has been invited as the lecturer to Inter-regional Association "Siberian agreement”;
  3. The unit for receiption of the granulated fuel peat in field conditions has been constructed and tested;
  4. Are developed various heating thermal-aggregates of individual and industrial application;
  5. In 2000 the enterprise became the winner of Tomsk regional competition on the energy-saving technology on a theme «Use of local kinds of fuel»;
  6. In 2001 the enterprise had been designed, constructed and tested small-sized oil-processing installation;
  7. Within the limits of the program of development of peat resources in 2002-2003 in village Kargala of Shegarsky district of Tomsk oblast on the basis of subsidiary production unit "Siberian peat ТМ" has been mounted and still continues to work the processing line of releasing of the garden and seedling soils of different purpose. Delivery of given production is carried out into various regions of Western Siberia.
  8. In 2005 and 2006 our enterprise had been designed and constructed two experimental installations on processing of oil and other hydrocarbonic raw materials where the unbalance approach for division of oil into fractions was used. Results have appeared rather encouraging: the diesel fuel of winter and summer marks received on the second experimental installation practically corresponds to parametres of the State Standard Specification, and the straight-run gasoline received from Tomsk "pipe"-oil practically corresponds to mark А-76 when on traditional small-sized petroleum refinery, using the traditional balance approach (columns, etc.) the octane number of gasoline does not exceed 61.


  1. All rights to installations of similar type are protected by the international patents and patents of the Russian Federation which belong to our enterprise.
  2. Experience of designing and building of similar installations (including "know-how") is only at our enterprise!
  3. Be afraid of offers of unscrupulous businessmen-swindlers!!! Seeming simplicity of installation is deceptive. Attempt of application of piracy copies necessarily (at least because of "know-how" presence!) will lead to serious economic losses and to serious legal consequences.